BodyWay offers a non-treatment way of supporting your full recovery from eating disorders. That is, we don’t follow a medical model; we are not mental health professionals. We don’t “treat”. We educate and train you in how to become authentically alive — in how to move through the world with peace, grace, vitality, creativity and passion.

If you need treatment, you should get treatment from a qualified eating disorder professional or facility. If you would also like to explore an adjunctive, non-treatment way of moving beyond the eating disorder patterns, check our program out.

Even though we understand eating disorders at a deep level, and our program founder was a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for12 years and is a nationally-recognized authority in the field, we do not focus on the eating disorder itself.

Our focus is to help you discover your authentic Self. We use the symptoms of your food and weight issues to take you into the center of your Core, so that you may live from the truth of who you are — honor your feelings, express yourself creatively in the world and heal from your wounds.

That’s what finally enabled Jane E. Latimer, M.A., who created this program, to heal her own twenty-year eating disorder. That was in 1980.

After 14 years of helping tens of thousands of people shift their views of eating disorders and themselves through her books, tapes, workshops, retreats, teleconference courses, etc., Jane has distilled fundamental, do-able formulas for leading you out of the eating disorder trap without focusing on the eating disorder itself. Focusing on our “problems” simply fuels them, ensuring them a long, active life. We focus on the skill sets and experiences you need to be free and truly, wonderfully alive.