The Truth Behind Diet And Your Panic Disorder

Living with panic attacks can be really hard. You can’t control it and you never know when they will occur. There is no cure for it only expensive and complex therapies.

But believe or not there is a way to help yourself if you are experiencing panic attacks. The way to reduce them is to change your diet. There are many do and don’t that if you follow you will make your life lot easier.

Do food that is rich in tryptophan. Now you probably are wondering what that is. It is an amino acid that is not being produced by your body at all and you need to intake it through the food you eat. If you intake it you will get sleepy because it is a natural sedative. When you eat food rich in tryptophan your body turns it into niacin and serotonin. The only thing is your body has to have enough of Iron and Vitamin B to do so. You should choose the food that contains all of these and that ischeese,eggs,turkey,salmon,milk,sunflower seeds,banana.

Another do is guacamole because it is full of vitamin B (anti-stress vitamin) and blueberries that are considered to be a superfood because of all vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that it contains.

And now a little bit about “don’ts”:

If you suffer from panic attacks you should avoid all food that contains caffeine. Coffee is not the only thing that contains caffeine, there is a lot of it in soda, some teas and even chocolate. It is not going to heal you completely but skipping coffee in the morning will do wonders for you because you will ditch very powerful stimulants.

Alcohol is worse for your health than caffeine is. You don’t have to avoid it completely, and you can allow yourself a cup or two of but drinking to get drunk is something you will have to stop doing completely if you want to help yourself. Staying away from alcohol will restore chemical balance in your body. The results won’t be instant but through a longer period of time, you will feel much better.

Sugar is “big no” in every health issue. Even for healthy persons, it is recommended to avoid it as much as you can. For easing panic attacks you should avoid even natural sugar that is contained in strawberries and other sweet fruits.  If you had to choose only one thing to expel from your diet be sure to expel sugar. It is very danger substance.

In general, you should choose food that has low pH levels. Natural and healthy eating is something that everybody should strive to, not only people with problems. Unhealthy food is the biggest killer of modern society and trying to eat in the right way can benefit you in many ways